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Distance from Ostuni 10 km.
San Vito dei Normanni (Santu Vitu in local dialect) is an Italian town of 19,947 inhabitants of the province of Brindisi in Apulia. The inhabitants are called Sanvitesi (or Santuvitisi in dialect) and the town is sometimes referred to as San Vito. The town is located in the northeast of the Salento plains, not far from the Itria Valley. The geomorphology of the land is flat, slightly undulating on the border with the municipalities of Carovigno and Ostuni. It is located 9 kilometres (6 miles) from the Adriatic coast, the port nearest beach Specchiolla,  a historic marine residence of San Vito. San Vito also is 5 km (3 mi)  from the Torre Guaceto, located in Serranova, a nature reserve,  accessible by foot or bicycle (Pennagrossa Point), and 12 km (7 mi) from  the tower which gives its name to the protected area. The Ionian Sea is about 45 km (28 mi) away. Its altitude is around 100 metres (328 feet) above sea level  precisely between 57–146 m (187–479 ft). The highest point of the city  center is located in Contrada Castello d'Alceste, 1,190 m (3,904 ft)  asl. Font : wikipedia
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