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Distance from Ostuni 36 km.
Brindisi is situated on a natural harbor, that penetrates deeply into  the Adriatic coast of Apulia. Within the arms of the outer harbor  islands are Pedagne, a tiny archipelago, currently not open and in use  for military purposes (United Nations Group Schools used during the intervention in Bosnia).  The entire municipality is part of the Brindisi Plain, characterized by  high agricultural uses of its land. It is located in the northeastern  part of the Salento plains, about 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the Itria Valley, and the low Murge. Not far from the city is the Natural Marine Reserve of the World Wide Fund for Nature of Torre Guaceto. The Ionian Sea is about 45 kilometres (28 mi) away. The territory of Brindisi is characterized by a wide flat area from which emerge sub deposits of limestone and sand of marine origin, which in turn have a deeper level clay of the Pleistocene era, and an even later Mesozoic carbonate composed of limestone and soils. The development of agriculture, has caused an increase in the use of water resources resulting in an increase of indiscriminate use. Font : wikipedia
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