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Gastronomies. Ostuni cuisine is based on tipycal farm products: olive oil, greens, ewe's-milk cheese and fish. This good food is simple and meagre even if is full of good smell, colours and particularly flavours.
It is expressed the simple way in which people from ostuni has made more valuable the ancient tradition of cooking. The starchy foods are most important first of all bread is still cooked into the wood-oven, there are other delicacies like "Frise", "Puccia", "Tarallini" and good pastas as "Stacciodde", "Stracenate", "Layanedde" all of thise are/made with bran flour, served with a fresh tomato's sauce and "Caserecotta" sometimes mixed with an intense flavour of a good cheese called "Recotta Ascanta". Meat dishes are always cooked over charcoal and lamb chops, sausages and the special "Gnummariedde" are really delicious. If you like fish dishes, you could find a lot of recipes made with fresh and daily fishes. That's means to taste succulent hors-d'oeuvre based on : shellfish, white breams, sea breams, dentex, groupers and lobsters.
Octopus is the most used and prepared in some particularly ways, it could be dressed with vinegar called "Pulpe all'acite" and with fresh tomatos and onions. In the Ostuni good food, the main courses are: "Fave e Fogghie" (fava beens with greens), l'Acqua Sala " (prepared with stale bread or "Frise" in wather dressed with olive-oil, onion, tomatos, origanum, and "li Turde allu Sunze" (trushes dressed with vinegar and laurel). We also make mention of sweets used in all kinds of parties: "li Pettulu" (leavened dough and fried), "li Carteddate" ( dressed with honey or cooked wine), "li Perceduzze", "la "Palomma" (ring-shaped cake with hard-boiled eggs), "la Cupeta" (minced almonds with caramel and honey), "li Frisedde". Thise delicious sweets are well toghether with alcoholic drinks like "Limoncello", "Nocino" and "Rosolio".

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