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Designed in 1861 by architect Ferdinando Ayroldi, the square was realized in 1870 by Mayor Gaetano Tanzarella-Vitale who ordered the pulling down of ancient buildings like the clock-tower, the All-Saints Church, the Jail and the hospital, which distinguished the medieval square formerly named Saint Fancis Square after the closter and the nearby church.Between 1820 and 1840 even the ancient Bridge Portal was demolished to make room for the Consular Main Road connecting Lecce to Naples. The paving level was elevated, so the entire Seat Tower as well as part of the lower part of the Saint Oronzo spire were thereby buried under the new ground level, while the passage to the Carmelitan closter, North of the square, was secured by two stairways at the sides of a garden, the parterre, designed and realized in 1870. Nowadays Piazza della Libertà presents multi-level elegant blocks dominated by the Saint Oronzo’s central spire. The overall effect is harmonic and agreeable.

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