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The bishop’s palace in Piazzetta Cattedrale (Chatedral Square), today Largo Trinchera, was built in 1560 and reconstructed in 1750, it is enclosed with the Seminar Palace from the Scoppa Arch, which takes the name after the bishop who had it built in 1750, whose stem appears in the middle of the Arch. The front  preserves architectural elements from 1507 and 1524. The Seminar Palace, built by the will of bishop Benedetto Milazzo in 1705, was complete by Bishop Francesco Antonio Scoppa who committed  the job to master of walls Salvatore Trinchera, rearranged  in 1960 with the elimination of the third plain, it preserves some decorative elements of the original structure. The building is the seat of the Curia, of the Diocesan Library, of the Capitulate and Diocesan archive.

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