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With its classical style it rises on a primitive 15th century chapel entitled to Santa Maria della Porticella for the presence, in that place, of a small Angevin age door that allowed access to the city. From 1585 the church was given the name Santa Maria della Stella and at the beginning of the 17th century, by will of the chaplain and abbey rector Antonio Anglano, an extension of the building was ordered. It was totally reconstructed between 1833 and 1838 with the Ostuni’s public contribution. The front, framed by pilasters ending with a broken tympanum, presents the portal surmounted by Madonna della Stella lithe statue. The interior, a room with a pavilion roof, shows two chapels at each side and it ends with the rectangular apse. The major altar, taken from Holy Sacrament Cathedral by will of bishop Pietro Consiglio, is a 17th century wooden work. A statue of Madonna della Stella dominates in a niche; the painting titled to Santa Maria della Stella, with the star on the mantle, showing the name of the church, enriches the interior of the chapel.

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