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It was erected in 1499 with the annexed convent on a lot donated by family Palmieri on behalf of the Observing Fathers, and after 1594 entrusted to the Reformed Fathers. Only a quadrangular closter is left nowadays, since the building was demolished in the mid ‘900s to make room for the post office.There is documentation about a primitive 13th century church, Santa Maria della Carnara, at the time when the place was used as a burial site. The very simple façade has 17th century windows, while the portal shows a fanlight with a fresco of Mary’s Annunciation, surmounted by Ostuni City Arms, as patronage symbol. The major stone altar inside with a 17th century tabernacle and an 18th century canvas about the Annunciation. Another 18th century precious canvas representing the laying down of Jesus was realized in Veronese’s workshop.

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