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Built in 1659 it is incorporated in the monastery founded in 1519 by Bishop Giovanni Antonio de Rogeris on an area granted by Ostuni’s feudal Isabella d’Aragona after the expansion of the Angevin walls. It takes more splendor in 1700 with the addition, inside, of plasters and baroque altars designed by architect Carlo Casini. The façade of the church with the one of the convent, are built in local untreated stone. The decorative furniture of the church is enriched by the major altar with the eighteenth shovel of the Virgin in Glory with St. Peter and St. Benedict and the founders; the minor altars shows the 18th century canvas of St. Martino donating his mantle to a poor man, by Francesco Solimena, the 17th century high-relief of the Virgin of Loreto, St. Peter and St. Benedict; the canvas of the coronation of the Virgin with the Saints Benedict, Carlo Borromeo and Oronzo.
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