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Built in 1772 on the land donated by Francesco Antonio Ayroldi, it was realized by the homonymous confraternity under the title of St. Nicholas of Tolentino. Originally it could be accessed into through a steep staircase that evolved in the back Square: Piazza del Moro, today called  Piazza Sansone. In 1895, because of the enlargement of the street, a re-positioning of the church was made, by the opening of the side portal, used instead of the previous access facing the major altar. The front, surmounted by a gable, shows a portal decorated with stone. The internal, a room with a rectangular apse, is divided in two spans with starry ceilings  frescoed by Luigi Pappadà. The plasters decorations were  realized in 1863, according to the instructions by canonic rector Don Giuseppe Lofino and designed by architect Gaetano Jurlero. The major altar was realized in 1772 by Giandonato Maldarella and is decorated with an 18th century canvas of the Virgin, St. Nicholas and the purgatory’s souls; in the ancon there is another 18th century canvas of the Immaculate with the Saints Francis from Paola and Filippo Neri, donated by Giovanni Tagliente the magnificent.

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